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Windshield Banner Cut Out


Image of Windshield Banner Cut Out

This Windshields Banner is Machined Cut on a glossy, Satin or Matte Finished Material.

Please email us at avantgardegraphics01@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @avantgardegraphics after purchase so we cut out the font and letters on the banner.

Banner Size:
10in x 58in
The banner is made bigger so you can have extra material on the sides and on top so you can fit it to your windshield to your liking.

Current Available Colors:
Gloss Black, Matte Black,Satin Black,Gloss White, Matte White, Gloss Pearl White,Gloss Blue,Gloss Gold Metallic,Matte Copper Metallic, Satin Red,Gloss Red, Gloss Yellow, Matte Dark Charcoal Metallic

Banner is to be installed dry, if small air bubble are left just press them down with your finger and the will go away because our banners are made out of high grade air agrees material
Hard Card or Squeegee with buffer and sharp Blade is recommended for proper install.
Clean Windshield with soap and water before install
clean microfiber towel is recommended to clean windshield and avoid streaks
recommended to install banner in cool dry weather

If you would like a different size decal Please Contact us threw email or our instagram @avantgardegraphics
Thank you.